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My Vision

I’ve written and illustrated this Art Work Book for students and adults realizing the need for a realistic art program that provides the basics in 12 steps.

These steps include: 1)  observing a light direction, 2) continuing with a line drawing3) adding form from light and shadows, 4) color from the color wheel, 5) light and dark patterns, and 6) using  the values scale. 

Simple composition is included ending with finished work.

Observing and analyzing are the keys in creating art and are important to left brain development while the right side develops creativity. This provides the artist to use critical thinking; gathering facts and making decisions from each of the 12 basic steps.

I’ve painted for many years and find it difficult to find basic art information in one place.  Our children and adults will enjoy the benefits of “Learning to See” as this Art Workbook will enrich our culture and contribute to understanding and enjoying art in our schools and communities.

Observing and analyzing
are key components
in making art.

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